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Crete doesn’t only exhibit beauty but a long and rich history as well as an equally remarkable culture too. The ancient Minoan civilization acts as a great example. The palace of Knossos being the center of their civilization, Minoans constituted the main force of the island’s population during the Bronze Age. Their civilization as well as the palace was destroyed at the explosion of the Santorini Volcano. The excavation conducted by Arthur Evans 1900-1913 and 1922-1930 brought to light the grand palace of Knossos, along with other great findings of immense importance concerning the culture and the life of the Minoans, which are as of yet kept at the archeological museum of Heraklion.

We strongly recommend that you visit the palace of Knossos and the archaeological museum of Heraklion.

Our agency offers an organized trip with an official guide for a complete visit to the palace and the museum.

Our trip starts in Chania.

After we pick you up with our bus from your hotel or a location in its vicinity, we head to Heraklion, which we reach about three hours later. On the way to Heraklion we make a stop near Rethymnon for a few minutes.

Our first stop is the palace of Knossos, through whose premises you will be guided by our guide. The tour lasts one hour.

Subsequently we head to the center of Heraklion, where you have plenty of time to eat and shop. While there, you also have the chance to visit the archaeological museum of Heraklion with our guide and to admire up close murals and objects from the palace you have just visited.

After a more or less three-hour stay in Heraklion we head back to Chania. Before we reach our destination, however, we make an one-hour stop at Rethymnon city.

Right after that we return to Chania and to your hotels.

We hope that this trip has enriched you with new knowledge and beautiful impressions!

What you must

Have with you:

Knossos Palace

Trip days:



Comfortable clothing & footwear

A hat


Every Sunday

Approximately 11 hours

Price: Call us


Not included:

Air-conditioned-bus transportation

Tour guide (Greek-speaking, English-speaking, German-speaking)

Palace entrance fee:

 (children up to 18 years old don’t pay a fee)

Museum entrance fee:

 (children up to 18 years old don’t pay a fee)

Whatever is being referred to as “optional”

Above mentioned prices and itineraries pertain to following areas:

Chania city / Daratso – Agioi Apostoloi / Kalamaki / Stalos / Agia Marina / Platanias / Gerani / Tauronitis / Maleme / Kolympari

* if you are not staying in one of the above mentioned areas, please ask as about the itinerary and the price!

If you are interesting for the on Samaria Gorge tour..

Please contact us for reservations and any further informations